Collin County Deer Hunting: Texas Hot Spot

Collin County Whitetail

If there is one thing to be learned from deer hunting it’s that you will always be surprised. White-tailed deer are generalist when it comes to the habitat that they will use. All deer need is a little bit of woody cover and they will call a place home. Collin County, Texas, has some really nice white-tailed deer calling that place home. And to think that the county has only had a hunting season for deer for about 3 years.

In the past, Collin County was best know for agriculture, not deer hunting. But it seems that may be changing right along with the whitetail herd. You see, the county had no deer to speak of for as long as anyone can remember, but only over the past 10 years have deer really started expanding into the area. Landowners now have the option of leasing land or hunting it themselves. Neighboring counties have been known for big bucks. It seems the deer hunting in Collin County may now make a name for itself.

Deer Hunting Season New, Big Bucks There

Source: Collin County’s modern deer season (archery only) began in 2012. Steve Purcell is one of the hunters who petitioned for a deer hunting season season. He grew up in the area and knows it well. He also knows many of the landowners. He’s seen some of the buck photos they take with smartphones.

He said the Collin County deer herd has been increasing for years, and he thinks deer are moving in from neighboring Grayson and Hunt counties. Both counties have produced some big bucks of Texas-sized proportions.

“Collin County still has a lot of agriculture,” Purcell said. “Because there was no hunting until 2012, the county is full of big deer. As long as it stays archery hunting only, the hunting should remain good.”

Collin County: A Recipe for Big Bucks

There are a few things that a place needs to produce big bucks: food, cover and water. With the amount of agriculture in the area the county has an abundance of food for white-tailed deer to eat. This may come at the dislike of Collin County farmers, but deer do not typically impact crops in great amounts (unless of course it’s dry). Whitetail prefer to eat forbs, broad-leafed weeds that are extremely high in protein, often times upwards of 25 percent or more!

The soils found in Collin County can grow some amazing good foods, especially when fertilizer is being used on agricultural lands. Already rich soil is enhanced further and the forbs that grow in fields and bordering fallow areas make for whitetail buffets. It takes nutrition and age to grow big bucks. The county has nutrition in spades so all they need to do is maintain the healthy age structure.

The county has archery-only deer hunting, so that should keep them knee deep in good bucks in perpetuity. Expect demand for hunting lands and leases to increase dramatically as the human population continues to grow and as word gets out on the deer that Collin County has to offer. You can also expect the recreational value of land to increase there, as well.

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