Deer Hunting in Kent County, Texas

Question: “My brother and I have been deer hunting for about 15 years, but have never been on a deer lease. We hunted my uncles 120 acres, but since he recently passed away, we are going to have to explore other opportunities. I’m going to go look at a lease in Kent County in a week or so. Do you know of anyone that has been deer hunting in Kent County in recent years or do any of you have any experience with the area? Interested primarily in whitetail.”

Response: I deer hunted north of the town of Jayton for three years about 12 years ago. I know there are some big ranches in Kent County, as well as some small ones. The quality of deer hunting will depend on which part of the county the lease you are looking at is located. Some of the ranches in the area have some really good bucks, and some just average. Of course, the deer management philosophy of the folks that own or hunt the land dictates a lot of that. Continue reading Deer Hunting in Kent County, Texas

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Deer Hunting Lease in Cass County, Texas

Question: “I’ve been deer hunting since I could walk and have been looking to get on a deer lease for some time now. My buddies and I have found a property in Cass County. The lease is near the town of Linden. We’ve done our research and found that hunting land in the Cass County area is going for $6 to $10 per acre. This property offers year-round access, and the owner says it’s good feral hog hunting and has a good number of whitetail deer. Does this sound about right to you?

This area is a bit different than where I am used to hunting. We’ve hunted Llano County and San Saba County for deer for years, but my buddies are located closer to Cass County. I am curious to find out if you know of anyone that has hunted the area and how it worked out? I can only assume that Cass County will not have as many deer, but just want to make sure there is some deer hunting to be had on this lease.” Continue reading Deer Hunting Lease in Cass County, Texas

Deer Lease in Stephens County

September is just around the corner and that means hunters are scrambling to find a deer lease for the upcoming fall. I will be happy when it arrives because the weather this year is Texas has been some kind of hot. Very hot. I don’t know much about this deer lease in Stephens County, but I can put you in contact with someone that does. It sounds like a good situation for the right guys.

“We are looking for a couple of guys to fill out our deer lease south of Breckenridge, Texas. We have a little over 900 acres on the western edge of the Cross Timbers region. The land has 7 tanks with a bit of elevation change, with a good mix of oaks and mesquite with a little cedar. Good for bow and rifle whitetail hunts with over 7 stands and 10 feeders already in place. Most of us have been together for a long time on the lease and are looking for a couple of guys that fit with us. Continue reading Deer Lease in Stephens County

East Texas Deer Lease in Nacogdoches County

August is a signal to hunters that the white-tailed deer hunting season is rapidly approaching. In fact, with August over halfway over, cool fronts are less than a month away! Most hunters already have their deer stands and feeders in place, but not all of them. For those of you out there without a deer lease, you may want to check out this hunting lease information:

“I have two opening on a small managed deer hunting lease in northeast Nacogdoches County, Texas, with frontage on the Angelina River. The property borders thousands of private hunting leases in all directions and has been under same deer management for over 30 years. A decent buck is guaranteed or deer hunt for half price next season. The property has whitetail deer, hog, squirrel, rabbits, ducks and other game available. It would be an excellent chance for a bow hunter because no one on lease at present time hunts during bow season. Continue reading East Texas Deer Lease in Nacogdoches County

Deer Hunting Lease in Perspective

Whitetail deer hunting has become a big business across all of the deer’s range. Most hunters have seen the price of their deer lease rise over the years to keep up with demand, and the demand for real estate in general. Finding a good deer lease is a key component to quality long term deer hunting and management. Without being able to afford your own land, you are up a creek without a paddle if you can not count on being on your deer lease from year to year.

Yes, a deer hunting lease is a place where hunters can purse whitetail, but it is more than that. A hunting lease is supposed to a place where hunters share good times and memories, rather than something that creates a profit for some middle man. As I mentioned earlier, deer hunting and deer leases have become a huge business, with lots of folks in between trying to put money in their pockets. I’m all for making money, but when you head out to find a lease make sure you know exactly what you are getting into. Continue reading Deer Hunting Lease in Perspective