Deer Hunting Lease in Cass County, Texas

Question: “I’ve been deer hunting since I could walk and have been looking to get on a deer lease for some time now. My buddies and I have found a property in Cass County. The lease is near the town of Linden. We’ve done our research and found that hunting land in the Cass County area is going for $6 to $10 per acre. This property offers year-round access, and the owner says it’s good feral hog hunting and has a good number of whitetail deer. Does this sound about right to you?

This area is a bit different than where I am used to hunting. We’ve hunted Llano County and San Saba County for deer for years, but my buddies are located closer to Cass County. I am curious to find out if you know of anyone that has hunted the area and how it worked out? I can only assume that Cass County will not have as many deer, but just want to make sure there is some deer hunting to be had on this lease.”

Cass County Deer Hunting - Deer Lease in Cass County

Answer: Okay, deer hunting in Cass County is about like any other county in that area. It can vary quite a bit, but for the most part offers some good quality animals. It’s a good area that can produce some nice bucks, especially if the place is isolated or at least not hunted hard by neighboring properties. There are some good sized deer if they can get some age on them. The Lake O’ the Pines is nearby, and that is always a good thing since you can work in some fishing trips while you are there.

The price of a hunting lease is always negotiable, and always up for debate. It’s not uncommon for folks to pay $10 or even $12 per acre or more for deer hunting land in that area. Of course, you get what you pay for. Lower cost leases typically have lower quality habitat. Avoid any property that is trying to load up on hunters. This will not be good for the hunters or the deer.

My friend James has lived and hunted in Cass County all his life. He told me that the area has good deer and lots of them, especially in good years of rainfall. That is probably true of many counties. He also said the deer are hunted hard there, so they are wise, so it’s a matter of spending some time in the field and hunting throughout the day. He said if someone is willing to hunt game trails and spend the time locating bedding areas they will have no problem shooting deer.

As for feral hogs, there are wild hogs all over Cass County. James said if you don’t have them on the lease yet just wait, but he is willing to bet money that if the property is close to Linden then hogs are there. Deer hunting leases are getting harder and harder to come by, but at the same time some landowners are looking to lease land that does not offer great deer hunting. It makes sense to research the area before jumping in with two feet. I’d say go for it on this one. Cass County can produce some nice whitetail bucks, and the price is not all that high for Texas.

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