Deer Smelling Me – Best Scent Eliminator for Hunting

Question: “I started bowhunting this season and deer are smelling me! Whitetail deer hunting is definitely a different game when you try to go close range. It’s just amazing that I was rarely detected while gun hunting from a blind, but now that I am bowhunting the deer just keep picking me up. I need a scent eliminator/killer suggestion and a procedure/recommendation from the deer hunting pros in a hurry. I’ve got a wall-hanger 10 that needs to be on the ground.”

Deer Hunting Pros: Here is a little known deer hunting secret, hunt the wind. Okay, I lied. It’s not a secret but a simple piece of advice that is 100 percent true. Don’t fight the wind because the deer will smell you and you will lose. Scent killers are not totally effective and I would argue may not even be half effective for whitetail deer or anything else. Continue reading Deer Smelling Me – Best Scent Eliminator for Hunting

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Deer Hunting Advice, Improve Habitat and Harvest

Question: “I have yet to see a whitetail buck on my game camera in a month, and have not seen a doe in a while on our deer hunting lease. I brought my friend out to my land the other day, and I apparently did not do a good job of showing him the property boundaries. Anyway, he end going off of the property. The interesting thing was that he said there were 14 deer feeding in an area just 150 yards from our fence line, both bucks and does.

I called the neighbor to find out what’s going on over there. He said they had planted some winter food plots for the deer. The guy said he planted about $3,500.00 worth of clover. This plot is just a stones throw from our place, and it really is holding the deer over there. Can you give me some deer hunting advice on how I can compete with his plot? Continue reading Deer Hunting Advice, Improve Habitat and Harvest

Biggest Mistake Bowhunters Make

When archery season opens for white-tailed deer many bowhunters take to the woods in search of their trophy. At this point in the game most bowhunters understand that scent control is very important, so most hunters properly address—at least as much as they can—this issue. However, there is another common bowhunting mistake that many archers commit when deer hunting and it actually happens when taking a shot at a whitetail.

Most bowhunters know that a deer will drop as it hears a hunter shoot an arrow. Deer do this is because deer do not recognize the string noise as natural, and because their first instinct is to run. As they prepare to run, whitetail deer drop several inches as they prepare to launch their body forward and run away from the noise. You can avoid this mistake very easily next time you are out deer hunting with a bow. Continue reading Biggest Mistake Bowhunters Make

Deer Hunting with a Deer Decoy

Each deer hunting season, hunters become frustrated when they hunt trip after trip and fail to see bucks. Sometimes it may be because the area that is being hunted has few deer, other times it may be because the deer are just plain smart. This is when many savvy hunters either try rattling or using deer decoys to become proactive deer hunters.

Many deer hunters love rattling in bucks, and it is exciting as all get out when it works. However, rattling usually is deemed not effective unless it is done at the right time, otherwise bucks will be non-responsive, right? Not always. Buck are territorial and quite nosy.

Rattling can become much more effective when used in combination with a deer decoy. This is because often times a buck will sneak into a rattling set looking to see another buck. When they don’t see anything, they get the hell outta dodge! Setting a decoy in the area gives the buck a visual cue that everything is okay because he sees what he expected to see… another buck. Continue reading Deer Hunting with a Deer Decoy