Dominant Buck Squirt: Attract Bucks While Deer Hunting

Want to attract more bucks to your property during the hunting season? Dominant Buck Squirt from Wildgame Innovations could be just what you need to slide your hands around a thick set of antlers!

Wildgame Innovations’ Dominant Buck Squirt is multi-hunt-ready, employing an easy-to-use valve to spray a focused stream of pure product up to 6 feet while deer hunting. The patented, one-way valve design is spill-proof to avoid messy mishaps and keep contents fresh to the last drop.

Advantages of Dominant Buck Squirt

Aerosols and drippers are critical delivery systems for many forms of deer scent attractants, but have limited applications. Drippers deliver the goods slowly, but are limited to a single location. Aerosols can broadcast scent quickly and over relatively large areas by becoming airborne, but are subject to wind currents and can be tricky to focus and contain.

Both of these traditional conveyance systems are ideal at times, but when it comes to dispensing good, old-fashioned deer urine, the simple, “a splash here and a stream there” methodology is often preferred, if not ideal.

Attract More Bucks with Dominant Buck Squirt

Deer hunters looking to create or freshen-up multiple scrapes – or simply have the ability to use 100% buck urine when and where needed – will appreciate Wildgame Innovations’ NEW Dominant Buck Squirt, 3 ounces of fresh, 100% buck urine contained in a practical, portable, precise, easy-to-squirt container. This long range scent will attract more bucks to a property and up your chances of tagging out early.

Dominant Buck Squirt for Cover or Trail Scent

Buck Squirt is ideal for use as a cover scent, laying a scent trail with a drag, as a scrape generator or freshener, or anywhere the attracting power of 100% buck urine is needed. Additionally, like its companion products – the Dominant Buck Bomb and Dominant Buck Dripper – the contents of Wildgame Innovations’ Dominant Buck Squirt are UV-enhanced with Glo-Cote.

Instead of solely appealing to a deer’s nose, the Dominant Buck Squirt’s contents emit an ultraviolet 360-degree visual queue deer can see day or night. Exhaustive field testing has shown that food plots, bait stations, mineral licks and other attractant sites are 180 times more likely to be discovered by animals when treated with Glo-Cote.

Additionally, these treated sites are typically discovered and frequented within 24 hours of application and receive significantly greater traffic and usage when compared to untreated sites and products.

Dominant Buck Squirt Specs

  • Contains 100% buck urine
  • Glo-Cote creates visual attraction
  • Not dependent upon wind direction
  • Patented one way valve design keeps urine fresh to the last drop
  • Easy to use squirt valve sprays up to 6 ft.
  • No spill design is as convenient as it is effective
  • 3 ounce- multi-hunt-ready bag provides more value than competing products
  • Effective as an attractant, cover scent, scrape activator or scrape generator
  • MSRP: $14.99

Buck Squirt: Get Your Hands on It!

Dominant Buck Squirt is designed to attract dominant whitetail bucks to your stand site. Whether you are deer hunting 20 acres or 2,000, this product has great potential to be an invaluable part of your hunting gear. You can only hunt so many days a year, so make each of them count!

Don’t ask your aerosol or dripper products to do things they simply weren’t designed for. Wildgame Innovations’ NEW Dominant Buck Squirt delivers practical, portable and precise performance, placing the right amount of Glo-Cote-enhanced 100% buck urine exactly where you want it, when you want it, every time.

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

Review: Dominant Buck Bomb Blows it Up!

Looking for that “secret weapon” when it comes to white-tailed deer hunting? There is no silver bullet for tagging a big, mature buck each every year. The best thing any hunter can do is implement good deer management practices on larger acreage. Not always possible… I know.

We are often faced with limited hunting space and either young or well-educated bucks. Your best bet at tagging a big ole whitetail is to shake things up. Throw a Dominant Buck Bomb in his back door and wait for this territorial beast to head your direction!

Dominant Buck Bomb Attracts Bucks

Nothing raises the ire of a prime whitetail buck throughout the pre-rut period like the smell of another mature buck. He’s worked hard rubbing and scraping out his territory and has lofty plans to breed every doe in the neighborhood. Antlered intruders are not welcome.

His body chemistry has changed dramatically over the past few weeks, as has his gregarious outlook toward other males. The idea of another mature buck challenging claim to his domain has become intolerable, so he patrols his rubs and scrapes, looking for clues like a psychopathic ex-boyfriend on steroids.

Knowledgeable hunters understand that they can capitalize on a dominant buck’s aggression throughout the pre-rut and rutting periods, and deploy a variety of tactics intended to bring that big boy running. Rattling and grunting can infuriate him by sound. Buck decoys do it by sight. Dominant buck lures do it by smell.

Dominant Buck Bomb Scent a Winner

Wildgame Innovations’ NEW Dominant Buck Bomb is a versatile aerosol spray product containing 6.5 ounces of fresh, 100% mature buck urine that can be sprayed in bursts as a highly-effective mock scrape creator, scrape enhancer, or a crafty aromatic addition to a buck decoy. The Dominant Buck Bomb can also be set to deploy completely and fog an entire area, creating a downwind scent trail that leads big bucks right back to a waiting hunter’s shooting lane. And speaking of downwind, Wildgame Innovations’ Dominant Buck Bomb excels as an intriguing natural cover scent to protect hunters from keen noses that show up in that worst possible location.

But this is only part of the story. Wildgame Innovations’ new Dominant Buck Bomb is UV-enhanced with Glo-Cote. Instead of solely appealing to a deer’s nose, the Dominant Buck Bomb provides a visual queue he can see, too.

The science of deer attraction changed dramatically in 2014 when Wildgame Innovations introduced Glo-Cote, an ultraviolet additive emitting a 360-degree visual queue that deer can see day and night.

Exhaustive field testing has shown that food plots, bait stations, mineral licks and other attractant sites are 180 times more likely to be discovered by animals when treated with Glo-Cote. Additionally, these treated sites are typically discovered and frequented within 24 hours of application and receive significantly greater traffic and usage – both day and night – when compared to untreated sites and products.

Dominant Buck Bomb Specs

  • Patented fog nozzle allows for burst or continuous spray
  • 6.5 oz. size means multi-hunt capable
  • Buck Urine is perfect for pre & post rut action
  • Glo-Cote UV enhancement creates visual attraction
  • Perfectly suited for attraction, cover scent, scrape enhancer or scrape creation
  • Entices dominant bucks in the area
  • MSRP: $9.99

Drop the Bomb

Throughout most of the deer hunting season, nothing gets a boss buck’s attention faster or holds it longer than evidence of another mature buck in his territory. Catch the attention of both his nose and his eyes. The all-new Dominant Buck Bomb is 100% mature buck urine enhanced with Wildgame Innovations’ proprietary Glo-Cote technology, formulated to attract dominant whitetail bucks to your hunting location with twice the appeal.

Synthetic Buck Bomb Doe-in-Estrus P-Review

The very new Synthetic Doe-in-Estrus scent bomb from The Buck Bomb can entice even the most skittish whitetail buck to come in for a closer look. As a matter of fact, this product could be just how you attract more bucks, and may close the distance on the buck you ultimately tag this hunting season!

Doe-in-Estrus Synthetic

The new Doe-in-Estrus synthetic scent is specially formulated to maintain authentic estrus doe smell while complying with current regulations in some states banning natural scents and urines.

Buck Bomb Doe in Estrus Reviewed

Doe-in-Estrus works great as both an attractant and cover scent. When sprayed, the scent particles drift downwind, attaching to leaves, trees, brush and other vegetation for a long lasting scent trail and a natural scent barrier between hunters and deer.

Review the Doe-in-Estrus Buck Bomb Specs

The Buck Bomb Synthetic Doe-in-Estrus comes in a 6.65-oz. can that can be sprayed intermittently, or locked down to fog the entire area. This is for those times when you are going blind and hope to bring that big boy in from far down range.

The Buck Bomb Synthetic Doe-in-Estrus lure sells for a suggested retail price of $9.99. They are not exactly giving it away, but if it can bring a buck to within range for a harvest shot, then it sounds mighty inexpensive. To learn more about other great deer hunting products from the Buck Bomb, visit your local retailer or The Buck Bomb website.

Wicked Lick: An Irresistible Deer Attractant

Bring the Bucks

As hunters we are always looking for that “ace in the hole,” a deer attractant that helps bring whitetail bucks into view. Wicked Lick from The Buck Bomb is said to be “an irresistible liquid deer attractant that will keep deer coming back time and time again” to your hunting area. It sounds like a product that will help with pre-season camera scouting as well as during the deer hunting season.

What is Wicked Lick?

Wicked Lick is an extremely sweet, potent liquid that has a taste that white-tailed deer love. The attractant can be poured on the ground, or onto stumps and logs, where it will soak into the pores of the wood and hold deer in the area for a longer time as they keep coming back to dig at the wood to try and get more of the product.

Whitetail Deer Lick Attractant

Wicked Lick liquid deer attractant comes in a one gallon container in the following flavors: Persimmon Dream, Traffic Jam (acorn, pumpkin and sweet potato) and Plum Crazy (Muscadine) Wicked Lick sells for a suggested retail price of $12.99 per gallon.

Wicked Lick is definitely an attractant, not a deer supplement. If you want to supplement the dietary needs of the deer living on your property then look more at developing mineral sites, providing supplemental feeds and establishing forage plots. If you want to attractant deer for photos or harvest, then Wicked Lick will do that for you.

Wicked Lick Liquid Deer Attractant

About The Buck Bomb

The Buck Bomb is the leader in effective scent dispersal of scent attractors, granular attractants and attractant infused corn for deer, elk, bear, hogs and predators. Utilizing a patented scent dispersal system technology, the Buck Bomb scents are a cost effective way to effectively spread attractor scents over larger hunting areas. Easy to use and cost effective- The Buck Bomb products help new and experience hunters achieve their maximum effectiveness. The Buck Bomb is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunters Specialties, Inc.

Molasses Blocks for Deer as Attractant & Bait

Deer hunters are always looking for a bait or attractant that will give them an edge while hunting. Molasses blocks may do just that. It was livestock producers that were among the first to use molasses as an additive in mineral supplements. And let’s face it, nothing beats the nearly universal appeal of molasses’ sticky, sweet goodness. Whitetail absolutely crave it, too.

New Molasses Block for Deer

Evolved Habitats, the undisputed gurus-of-the-good-stuff for whitetail deer and other game species works tirelessly to understand the science behind attraction. Products that are long-lasting, affordable and highly palatable to whitetails earn the trust and devotion of hunters and deer managers who need to attract and hold deer to camera locations and, where legal, active hunting sites.

This 4-lb. pressed mineral brick hits whitetails with a dichotomy of appealing attractants. Real molasses appeals to their senses of smell and taste, while sodium and other trace minerals play to their instincts – feeding their bodies with the oft-absent dietary supplements they crave. The result is a habit-forming lure that deer swarm to.

These affordable and long-lasting molasses bricks represent the most effective and economical way to create new mineral sites or supplement existing sites. What’s more, their earthy coloration helps thwart would-be game camera thieves by allowing hunters to keep their mineral sites subtle and discreet.

Molasses as a Deer Attractant

  • Evolved Habitat Molasses Brick
  • Contains real molasses
  • Pressed mineral block is designed to be long lasting
  • Habit forming mineral attracts and holds deer
  • Easily create new or maintain existing mineral sites
  • Supplements sodium deficiencies present in most soils
  • Long lasting bait for whitetail deer
  • Discreet color avoids giving away location of cameras or mineral site
  • 4 lb. brick
  • MSRP: $5.99

Using Molasses & Minerals for Whitetail

Mineral sites are of critical importance to white-tailed deer. They help with maintain micro-nutrients in deer and help maintain overall herd health. Deer seek out minerals so they work great as an attractant, bait. Give the deer on your property what they want. Hold them with what they need. A molasses brick is a highly effective and affordable way to attract deer and keep them at these sites for nutritional supplementation and game camera monitoring. Come.

Consider molasses and mineral blocks as part of your deer hunting strategy this coming fall. The best time to get them out is now, so that deer will be supplements throughout the summer and know where to find them this fall. With molasses blocks in place you also know where you will be deer hunting this season.

Persimmon Deer Attractant: Persuade & Crush ‘Em

White-tailed deer are attracted to persimmon fruits. In fact, persimmon trees are a great place to ambush whitetail early in the deer hunting season. Go to any location where these sweet, wild fruits ripen and hit the ground in fall and whitetail will move in from surrounding areas. Without a doubt, one of the best deer attractants is sweet fruit and persimmon is high on the list.

New Persimmon Attractant

For 2016, Wildgame Innovations has captured the “power of the persimmon” in its most potent deer attractant product to-date. Wildgame Innovations’ NEW Persimmon Crush combines the natural attracting fragrance and flavor of real persimmons with an ultra-high 16% fat content and carbohydrate blend to create a highly palatable attractant and nutritional supplement deer just can not resist.

The power of the NEW Persimmon Crush goes beyond its flavorful composition. The proprietary attractant is double screened to create a fine powder that maximizes scent release, flooding downwind areas with its powerful fragrance. Attract mature bucks and big does to your hunting hot spot.

Persimmon Crush for Deer

Use Persimmon Crush to attract deer to game camera sites, mineral sites or supplemental nutrition sites outside of the hunting season, or to actual hunting locations or bait stations, where legal of course. Its appealing aroma, exceptional fat content and high palatability make Persimmon Crush the perfect attractant and nutritional supplement, especially during the late season and winter stress periods.

Wildgame Innovations’ NEW Persimmon Crush can be placed by itself purely as an attractant, or as a supplement to feed or other Wildgame innovations products to help attract deer to new feeding sites or mineral sites that aren’t yet fully established.

Wildgame Innovations Persimmon Powder Specs

  • Mfg. Item # FG-00422
  • UPC 8-50695-00422-3
  • New, proprietary double-screened attractant
  • Double screening creates fine powder that absorbs & releases far more scent
  • Ultra High fat content (16%+) & carbohydrate blend
  • Perfect for late season when native browse is scarce
  • Real persimmons add natural attracting power
  • Our most potent attractant to-date delivers unrivaled fragrance
  • Highly palatable, based on ruminant science
  • 5 lb. bag
  • MSRP: $14.99

You can lead a deer to nutrition… And you can make him eat. It’s easy when you have the right attractant. So start showing your deer the love. Lead them to your cameras, mineral sites and feeding locations with the power of persimmon persuasion. Everything about this product makes sense, so I look forward to trying it this summer and during the next deer hunting season. I think it will be a winner!

Swamp Donkey Deer Attractant for Whitetail Hunting

Hunters are looking for a product that can give them an edge while out whitetail deer hunting. Deer attractants are seen as a way to do just that. A new product from Primos they called Swamp Donkey may put another arrow in the quiver of hunting taking to the woods. According to the manufacturer, they have been field testing, modifying and documenting the amazing results of Swamp Donkey for over 7 years! Can it help you this deer hunting season? Check out what Primos has to say:

“Swamp Donkey, which until now, has been used exclusively for deer hunting on a select number of professionally managed game ranches. Now, hunters serious about drawing big deer from their hiding spots and out into the open can utilize Swamp Donkey’s™ line of easy-to-use attractants to greatly improve their odds for success. Continue reading Swamp Donkey Deer Attractant for Whitetail Hunting