Lick Magic Mineral Will Attract More Deer

Lick Magic: A Magic Mineral?

There is a new mineral attractant on the market for white-tailed deer called Lick Magic. Deer love minerals, especially those found in high rainfall areas where many minerals are deficient. Soils become low on minerals when precipitation leaches them from the soil. Plants will also pull minerals out of the ground. Lick Magic could be just the attractant to bring in more whitetail during the deer hunting season.

Lick Magic is produced by Heartland Wildlife, makers of industry-leading food plot seeds, attractants and other deer feeds. Lick Magic is being billed as a mineral supplement that attracts, grows and keeps big deer on your property, and it’s now available in an 8 pound bag. How long will 8 pounds last? Not sure, but we will conduct some field tests and get that information out as soon as possible.

The Power of Lick Magic for Deer

As the hunting seasons progress, especially when spring transition to summer, sodium levels in deer forage decreases—but the need for sodium in a whitetail’s diet does not decrease. Lick Magic from Heartland Wildlife provides an economical solution to this common problem, bolstering nutrition and providing a mineral site that’s perfect for capturing photos with a game camera.

Minerals are Great Deer Attractants

In addition to the 8 pound bag, Lick Magic is also being offered in a 25 pound bag with an easy-carry handle. There are a lot of minerals on the market for deer, so the question is whether this mineral will attract more deer to your hunting grounds? Will it produce bigger, better deer? The manufacturers say Lick Magic provides a great additional source of sodium, encouraging antler growth in bucks and a healthy herd overall. We can’t dispute the claim.

Attracting Deer with Mineral

Lick Magic’s special apple flavoring creates a mineral site that deer find irresistible. For best results, Heartland Wildlife suggests using Lick Magic during the key antler growing season for bucks, beginning immediately after the spring thaw and maintaining the mineral site through summer. Simply pour Magic Lick on the ground and watch the health and size of your herd improve. Lick Magic has a MSRP of $9.95.

Whether or not you go with Lick Magic on your hunting grounds is up to you, but if your property is located anywhere between East Texas to the Atlantic Ocean then we’d recommend providing minerals for the white-tailed deer. They should respond quite readily to the site, which will not only help the deer (every little bit helps, right?) but it will also provide another site for herd monitoring using game cameras. The great thing about minerals is they help deer year-round and also attract deer during the hunting season.

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