Molasses Blocks for Deer as Attractant & Bait

Deer hunters are always looking for a bait or attractant that will give them an edge while hunting. Molasses blocks may do just that. It was livestock producers that were among the first to use molasses as an additive in mineral supplements. And let’s face it, nothing beats the nearly universal appeal of molasses’ sticky, sweet goodness. Whitetail absolutely crave it, too.

New Molasses Block for Deer

Evolved Habitats, the undisputed gurus-of-the-good-stuff for whitetail deer and other game species works tirelessly to understand the science behind attraction. Products that are long-lasting, affordable and highly palatable to whitetails earn the trust and devotion of hunters and deer managers who need to attract and hold deer to camera locations and, where legal, active hunting sites.

This 4-lb. pressed mineral brick hits whitetails with a dichotomy of appealing attractants. Real molasses appeals to their senses of smell and taste, while sodium and other trace minerals play to their instincts – feeding their bodies with the oft-absent dietary supplements they crave. The result is a habit-forming lure that deer swarm to.

These affordable and long-lasting molasses bricks represent the most effective and economical way to create new mineral sites or supplement existing sites. What’s more, their earthy coloration helps thwart would-be game camera thieves by allowing hunters to keep their mineral sites subtle and discreet.

Molasses as a Deer Attractant

  • Evolved Habitat Molasses Brick
  • Contains real molasses
  • Pressed mineral block is designed to be long lasting
  • Habit forming mineral attracts and holds deer
  • Easily create new or maintain existing mineral sites
  • Supplements sodium deficiencies present in most soils
  • Long lasting bait for whitetail deer
  • Discreet color avoids giving away location of cameras or mineral site
  • 4 lb. brick
  • MSRP: $5.99

Using Molasses & Minerals for Whitetail

Mineral sites are of critical importance to white-tailed deer. They help with maintain micro-nutrients in deer and help maintain overall herd health. Deer seek out minerals so they work great as an attractant, bait. Give the deer on your property what they want. Hold them with what they need. A molasses brick is a highly effective and affordable way to attract deer and keep them at these sites for nutritional supplementation and game camera monitoring. Come.

Consider molasses and mineral blocks as part of your deer hunting strategy this coming fall. The best time to get them out is now, so that deer will be supplements throughout the summer and know where to find them this fall. With molasses blocks in place you also know where you will be deer hunting this season.

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