Deer Hunting Lease in Lampasas County

Question: “I am live in Austin, Texas, and used to be on a deer lease in Mason County. That was about 10 years ago. Now that my kids are getting older, I would like to get them outdoors and show them some of the things you can find stomping around on the ground. I have an opportunity to get on a Lampasas County deer lease, but was wondering if there are some good bucks in that area?”

Answer: I think it’s a great idea to get your kids outside and teach them about plants and animals and pass on the deer hunting heritage. Lampasas County is located on the northeast edge of the Texas Hill Country. The habitat found in that county can vary quite a bit. The best hunting can be found along the Colorado River, Lampasas River, and the major creeks found there, but good bucks exist all throughout that country.

Deer Lease Lampasas County: Good Deer Hunting for Whitetail

One of the best things about a deer lease in Lampasas County would be the antler restriction regulations that TPWD currently has in place there. Many hunters have reaped the reward of these regulations by seeing more bucks, and more mature bucks. If you can find a property that is at least 1,000 acres and implement a deer management program with your buddies that would be ideal, but the antler restriction regs will also keep some nice deer on just about any property offering good deer habitat in the county.

Also, found this on the Web:

“I deer hunted 1 mile outside of Adamsville for 2 years right on the river. That lease had really good genetics they deer, just need the age to go along with it. We killed some respectable whitetail deer there but nothing over 140 inches. Always had some deer with split brows, split tines, and kickers running around. Even had one freak deer that had a huge drop tine looking thing coming out of his base and dropping down the side of his face.

In addition, I also filmed one of the biggest whitetail bucks I have ever had the chance to film there during bow season. He was just a main frame 8 point but had probably 4 inch kickers off both G-2’s and probably had zero deductions on his score. A good buck for our place or any deer lease for that matter.”

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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