Deer Hunting Lease in East Texas – WORTH IT!

The deer hunting season down in Texas is in full swing and bucks are chasing does hard right now. The cool front the state received earlier this week has caused the hunting to pick up big time. It had been tough with lots of natural foods, but the deer hunting in Central and East Texas is looking good. It’s definitely time to climb a tree or jump in a stand because the bucks are on the move. Here is a good hunting story from an East Texas deer lease”

“Around 5:30 yesterday evening as I was just about to give up on my hunt I noticed a neck and antlers eating the corn I had spread around Friday night. I immediately know there is a buck much bigger than the ones I’m used to seeing in my stand. My first instinct is to SHOOT! Then my senses come back to me, I put up my binoculars just as he turns his head towards me.

East Texas Deer Hunting Lease Pays Off Big!

A no doubter, FINALLY. As I set down the binoculars and bring my gun up, I am sure he is going to be gone by the time I am ready to pull the trigger. ‘Dang, I can’t reach the window from my chair. I’m gonna have to get rearranged, and Lord please don’t make any noise.’ I finally get situated and have my scope on the pile of corn, is this whitetail deer still there? No… wait, antlers, yes! And he hasn’t so much as moved. ‘Stay calm, find his shoulder and make a good shot.’


A good shot! I can’t explain it, but I could see the way he recoiled before I lost sight of him in the scope. Crap, I forgot my flashlight. ‘You better hope it was a clean shot.’ Turns out it was, and this is the biggest whitetail deer I’ve killed in my 25 years of deer hunting in East Texas. It took 25 years of learning, sometimes the hard way, logging hours, building stands, driving for hours in the middle of the night.

Thirty seconds, that’s all the time it took from my first sighting of this buck until it was all over. Thirty seconds for 25 years of work. Deer hunting in East Texas ain’t all that bad. I’ll leave you with just this picture and two words: WORTH IT!”

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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