Llano County Deer Hunting

The state of Texas is known for some great deer hunting, but there is no other place like the Texas Hill Country. I have hunted in Llano County from time to time throughout the years, and although it’s not know for producing giant bucks, managed properties are really starting to produce some good whitetail deer. This year my wife really took an interest in deer hunting, so we made a trip out there to see if we could get her on a deer.

I should preface this by saying that she she has been sitting with me from time to time in Llano County for a couple of years now, and loves checking out the wildlife. Although it always seemed as though she wanted to shoot a deer, she just has never made up her mind to pull the trigger. However, earlier this year she told me it was time for her to begin her whitetail hunting career. I thought this is great, so after perfecting her shooting skill over the summer she told me last weekend that it was her turn.

I thought this could work out, because we needed to harvest quite a few does off of our deer lease. I could tell she had the killer extinct in her, but I really found out about 10 minutes after we got into the stand. We had hardly sat down and a button buck just about got in the ground blind with us and she was ready to shoot! At this point, I had to calm her down a little, then we watched a doe work her way towards the feeder.

Llano County Deer Hunting

The doe was about 130 yards and I felt a little strange about the shot because of our sitting situation in the stand, but just then another doe stepped out even closer. The deer walked right into the shooting lane at about 70 yards and stopped. The deer started eating some corn I had trickled on the the lane as my wife got situated. She said she felt solid for the shot and the doe looked up.

I then told her to take the shot at any time. The doe was standing broadside when the bullet left. I could tell the 100 grain .243 bullet had connected right behind the shoulder, and it knocked the doe down. My wife was shaken on the shot and she then looked at me in a panic and asked, “Did I hit her?” I told her yes and watched the doe crash into the brush and disappear.

We waited just a few minutes before getting out of the stand, but I was confident she smoked that doe right through the lungs. I could tell she was really pumped because she was shaking and ready to go find her first deer. Sure enough, when we got to where we had lost sight of the doe we could see her white belly through the brush. My wife was excited, but I think I even got a bigger kick out it than she did. Seriously, is there anything better than deer hunting? Another good weekend of deer hunting in Llano County. You just have to love the Texas Hill Country!

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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