Matador Wildlife Management Area

The Matador Wildlife Management Area (WMA) consist of 28,183 acres located in Cottle County. This public hunting land is located in the southeast Texas Panhandle, about 7 miles north of Paducah, and is managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). Game species found on the Matador WMA include white-tailed deer, mule deer, Rio Grande turkey, mourning dove, and bobwhite quail. The WMA also has feral hogs.

Public deer hunting is offered through TPWD’s lottery draw system. You can also enter the draw system for other hunts. Dove hunting and quail hunting on the property is through the Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit. Dove hunting and quail hunting vary from year to year based on weather conditions, but whitetail hunting and mule deer hunting are typically very good, especially if you hit it during the peak of the rut. The hilly terrain makes for some great hunting.

Two camping areas are located about 3/8 mile west of the WMA check station and are available to those bird or deer hunting. However, electrical and water hookups are not available. In addition, open campfires are not allowed during very dry range conditions. All public hunters should bring their own drinking water and camp stoves are recommended since firewood may not be available. Pickup trucks or four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended because portions of the Matador WMA are not accessible by car.

To get to the WMA entrance and check station, drive 2.5 west on FM 3256 from US Highway 83. Call the Matador WMA for information on their public hunting opportunities as 806-492-3405.

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