Deer Hunting Lease in Perspective

Whitetail deer hunting has become a big business across all of the deer’s range. Most hunters have seen the price of their deer lease rise over the years to keep up with demand, and the demand for real estate in general. Finding a good deer lease is a key component to quality long term deer hunting and management. Without being able to afford your own land, you are up a creek without a paddle if you can not count on being on your deer lease from year to year.

Yes, a deer hunting lease is a place where hunters can purse whitetail, but it is more than that. A hunting lease is supposed to a place where hunters share good times and memories, rather than something that creates a profit for some middle man. As I mentioned earlier, deer hunting and deer leases have become a huge business, with lots of folks in between trying to put money in their pockets. I’m all for making money, but when you head out to find a lease make sure you know exactly what you are getting into.

Deer Hunting Lease: Find a Deer Lease

I know of many deer hunters that have spent decades on good, long-lasting deer leases. It’s as if the hunter-landowner relationship has become that of family. And it is good to know there are still guys out there who take pride in keeping everything above the table. I think deer hunting is about shooting deer, but more importantly it is about hanging out together and sharing smiles, whether over a big buck, good hunting stories or otherwise.

When you set out to find a new deer lease, learn as much as you can about the landowner and or agent leasing the property. Reputation in the community they live in says a lot. As for the middle-men out there and fellows leasing land, I understand that you have to make money if you are investing your time and land, but focus on creating life-long friendships, rather than finding new customers and the deer hunting will take care of itself.

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