Caprock Canyons State Park Hunting

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind public hunting opportunity in Texas, look no further than Caprock Canyons State Park in the Texas Panhandle. Caprock Canyons is located in southeast Briscoe County, about 3.5 miles north of Quitaque, off State Highway 86 on FM 1065. The park has some wild habitat and is 13,960 acres in size. The property was purchased in 1975.

Hunting at Caprock Canyons State Park is by Special Permit drawing only. The entire area is closed to park visitors when opened to public hunting and the entrance fee is waived for person participating in the hunts. Hunters may use park camping facilities and the normal fees are charged.

The park is quite rugged. Because of the extremely rugged terrain in portions of the park, all hunters should be prepared for a very strenuous hunt. In addition, there may be severe winter conditions such as freezing rain or snow. You will still be in Texas, but things get a little more intense the further north you go! Additionally, the removal of the harvested animals from portions of the park to the nearest road or pickup point can be very strenuous because of the terrain and size of the larger animals.

Mule deer, white-tailed deer and aoudad can go 200 pounds plus, so be in shape and prepared for some work should you be fortunate enough to bag one of these bruisers. For more information on public hunting opportunities and Caprock Canyon State Park, call the park headquarters for additional information at 806-455-1492.

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