Crush 20 LightsOut Game Camera: Worth a Review

The newest game camera to hit the market is the Wildgame Innovations NEW CRUSH 20 LightsOut Invisible IR Digital Scouting Camera. Just another game camera, right? Well, no. The Crush 20 LightsOut offers top technologies plus 20-megapixel resolution. That will allow you to check out every deer in the frame, whether close to the camera or way in the background.

Wildgame Innovations has a complete line-up of affordable scouting cameras available for deer hunting. From their new and economical Terra 5R Camera to the technologically advanced, these amazing tools have gotten better and better over the years.

Crush 20 LightsOut Has Got It

So, let’s say you want a game camera that has it all – a camera that has more DNA in common with professional photo and video production equipment than a scouting camera. Well hunters, look no further than Wildgame Innovations. Such a marvel of game-monitoring gadgetry exists in the form of the All-NEW Wildgame Innovations CRUSH 20 LightsOut Invisible IR Scouting Camera.

Of course, the CRUSH label signifies that two particular, elite whitetail hunters have contributed their minds to the design of this camera. Considering that the techno-geeks at Wildgame Innovations have a proven track record of creating scouting cameras that will far exceed anything that came before, why wouldn’t Lee and Tiffany Lakosky ask them to create the greatest scouting camera ever designed?

The result of this collaboration is nothing less than stunning. An awe-inspiring 20-megapixel processor produces gin-clear-perfect images with an available 16:9 option, ideal for capturing wide-angle images on food plots and other large, open areas. Need video? Of course you do. The CRUSH 20 LightsOutTM Invisible IR Scouting Camera also captures 30-second HD 720p video with full audio capability. Still images and videos are captured night or day with a stupid fast one-second trigger speed, courtesy of an incredible 54 pc Invisible LightsOut LED Infrared Flash that’ll push to 100 feet and won’t spook game. A full-color TFT display with Active View Technology allows users to view photos and videos right on the camera, eliminating the need to take a SD card back to the house for reviewing.

Videos: Crush 20 Can Get ‘Em

Videos are great for monitoring actual game behavior at camera sites, but repeated videos can negatively impact battery life. Wildgame Innovations has solved this dilemma in the CRUSH 20 LightsOutTM Invisible IR Scouting Camera using FlexTime +TM Time Lapse Technology, which provides a variety of different user-defined settings to capture still images or videos at predetermined intervals during key game movement periods with the included FlexTime software CD.

If you don’t already have a crush on this camera – which is expected to retail for less than $200 – consider the fact that all these amazing features are powered by just 8 AA batteries. The CRUSH 20 LightsOutTM Invisible IR Scouting Camera also includes an external battery port for full integration with Wildgame Innovations’ optional EBX external battery packs. Spend more time whitetail deer hunting and less time replacing batteries.

The compact CRUSH 20 Lightsout Invisible IR camera comes in the super stealthy TruBark finish and easily mounts with an included adjustable strap. Add Wildgame Innovations’ optional Security Cable locking security system, and you can rest assured that you’ll find your camera right where you left it.

Crush 20 LightsOut IR Camera Specs

  • Model No: L20B20
  • UPC: 6-16376-50806-6
  • 20MP Invisible IR Digital Scouting Camera
  • 54 pc Invisible LightsOut™ LED Infrared Flash
  • Lee and Tiffany CRUSH Branded
  • Includes FlexTime +™ Time Lapse Technology
  • Wide Angle 16:9 Option
  • Security Locking System with Security Cable Capability (optional security cable not included)
  • One Second Rapid Trigger Speed
  • Flash Range Up to 100 ft.
  • Photo and HD 720p Video (30sec) with Full Audio Capability
  • Full-Color TFT Viewing Capabilities
  • Active View Technology
  • Up to 32 GB SDHC Card (not included)
  • External Battery Port (for use with EBX – not included)
  • Uses 8 AA Batteries (not included)
  • Includes Adustable Mounting Strap
  • Retail: $199.99

Game Camera Photos: The Next Level

Hunters who appreciate the finer things in life are sure to crush hard on Wildgame Innovations’ CRUSH 20 Lightsout IR scouting camera. Made for monitoring your deer hunting grounds, this camera offers a 20-megapixel resolution, HD 720p video, FlexTime + time lapse technology, invisible LightsOut LED infrared flash, full-color Active Technology TFT onboard viewing, and a price below $200, this is one little beauty that will take your game scouting where it has never been before.

The deer hunting season may be over, but there is no better time to start scouting for next season than right now. Placing out cameras after hunting season allows you to see which bucks are still alive and the hoof. Bucks will respond readily to any available food source during the dead of winter, so get your game cameras out. You may even consider investing in the new Crush 20 LightsOut? I’ll definitely be seeing what this bad boy is all about.

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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