Day Hunts for White-tailed Deer

Question: I was looking to get a season deer lease, but with them so expensive I was now thinking about day hunting for deer in Central Texas. With this in mind, I am now searching for a place that offers good day hunting for whitetail and maybe even some hogs. I don’t necessarily want the cheapest, but I am not looking for the most expensive either. Anyway, if you have something like this or know someone, please contact me or leave message here. I have yet to decide what to do, but but know the deer hunting leases that I have found so far I can’t afford.

Answer: That is a good question about day hunting, but one I have yet to address to date. First, as far as quality goes, I would not expect a whole lot when it comes to day hunting for white-tailed deer, especially if you end up going deer hunting during mid-season. This is because most hunters want to hunt early in the deer season and these places, like most properties, get the most pressure early in the deer hunting season.

Day Hunting for a Day Lease in Texas

My recommendation for finding a day lease would first be to check the local chamber of commerce. Often times, rural counties keep a list of properties that offer all sorts of hunting opportunities. Next, check the classifieds and things such as Craigslist. These can be valuable resources that are often overlooked, even by folks looking for a standard deer lease. I have seen day hunts run from $100 a day on up, but each property will vary.

My hunting tips for day hunts would be to either go as early as possible or as late as possible, thinking that many hunters would not hunt a day lease believing that it has been shot out. Yes, whitetail are good at avoiding pressure, but it’s almost impossible to shoot them off areas that provide decent habitat. Landowners that day lease their property usually don’t make a good friend with neighboring landowners, but that’s not your problem.

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