Deer Hunting in Wisconsin is Good, Kroll Says

There are hunters all across the US that enjoy white-tailed deer hunting, but the camo-clad men and women of Wisconsin are particularly fond of their deer. Wisconsin has a good thing going according to the latest assessment of the state’s deer hunting situation from private biologist, Dr. James Kroll. The report sounded good. The only problem was the $125,000 price tag for the hunting study told hunters and state officials what they already knew about their robust deer herd.

Source: “State Rep. Brett Hulsey, D-Madison, is right to point out that Wisconsin seems to be paying Gov. Scott Walker’s “deer czar” an awful lot of money to tell us things we already know.

“$125,000 of our fishing and hunting fees which came from the pockets of Wisconsin sportsmen and women paid for James Kroll, Governor Walker’s deer czar, to tell us what we already know: Wisconsin has some of the best deer hunting in the nation,” says Hulsey, an active hunter and member of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.

Whitetail Deer Hunting

A review of Knoll’s “report” reveals that he spent a great deal of time and money learning what any Wisconsinite could have told him about the state’s deer-hunting traditions and its comprehensive and transparent deer management program.

That’s no surprise. Knoll is not from Wisconsin. He’s from Texas, where he has advocated for schemes such as fenced-in “game farms” that keep most hunters off prime whitetail hunting land.

Instead of paying Knoll to learn about Wisconsin, Hulsey says, “Deer hunting is a cherished Wisconsin tradition. Governor Walker should have spent the $125,000 to improve hunting and fishing in Wisconsin.”

We could not agree more. Wisconsin does not someone from Texas telling us how to deer hunt, or how to manage our land in a manner that best serves Wisconsin hunters.”

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