Ladder Stand Placement Tips for Deer Hunting

Where you place your ladder stand is as important as deer hunting season itself. After all, you’ve got a place that has deer. A lot of sign on top of it. But you also know that location is super important for deer hunting. And it will mean the difference between victory and defeat. In fact, a well-placed ladder stand can mean years and years of victory. Find out more about our ladder stand placement tips before you take action.

Stand Placement: Timing is Key

It may be late summer and still green thanks to the rain, but the leafy foliage that surrounds an area at this time of the year will be absent come late November. When placing out a ladder stand remember that the area may look significantly different during the fall. Resist the urge to simply surround your stand with deciduous trees. Those leaves will be on the forest floor when your up in your stand.

Ladder Stand Location: On Target

Just as the temperature changes so will deer foods change seasonally. Trail choices will change from summer to fall to winter. When leaves drop, whitetail will abandon summer’s open clover fields and move back under thinning canopies of oak to load up on acorns. No matter where you deer hunt, if you plan on hunting beyond opening weekend, it’s best to choose a spot further into the woods, a spot that will produce later into the hunting season. Pick out site for your ladder stand with sufficient cover to break up your outline — both in front of and behind you.

Also, when setting up an early-morning or a late-afternoon hunting site, always pay close attention to the relevant time’s sun location and use natural shaded areas for better concealment. A bright afternoon sun in a bowhunter’s eyes can be be game over. Consider the placement of your ladder stand near a tree large enough to block a buck’s view as it approaches your shooting lane. This will allow sufficient time to draw back your bow and settle your sight pin without being detected.

Practice from Your Ladder Stand

Set up your ladder stand a way that will give you confidence in your shot. There is little worse than sitting on stand all day wondering if that buck’s going to bust you and realizing that you should have done something different regarding your setup back in August. Invest in a comfortable stand (and maybe even a good cushion) and practice shooting from it before the day of the hunt.

Being comfortable while deer hunting from your ladder stand allows you to sit quieter and for longer periods of time. Remember, you’re not going to kill anything but time if you’re sitting at home. Being well prepared and confident in your setup are probably the best ladder stand hunting tips we can offer. Time to make it happen!

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