Fannin County Produces Big Whitetail Buck

Big Whitetail Buck from Fannin County, Texas

Texas is known for great deer hunting and producing some very respectable bucks on a yearly basis. Although most deer hunters think of South Texas or maybe even the panhandle when it comes to big bucks, increased education on deer management and buck harvest by landowners now allows remarkable bucks to show up just about anywhere in the state. This big whitetail buck was shot in Fannin County, and this was submitted to me in an email:

“My father in law has not deer hunted in 25 years and decided to take it up again finally. He was hunting at a friends deer lease in Fannin County for 3 weeks when this big boy popped his head up in a food plot. When he first saw this deer, buck fever set in pretty good on him. He had to wait to get a clear shot, which allowed him to calm down.

When he was finally given the shot the deer was 75 yards from him. He pulled the trigger and dropped the big Fannin County buck right where he stood. He shot a phenomenal deer in a county not that is not known for producing big deer. It could not have happened to a better guy and I think I was more excited for him than he was for himself.

I am very proud of him because he put in his deer hunting time and passed on several good whitetail bucks in hopes of a great trophy, and he got what he deserved. I just wanted to share the excitement with everyone and hope you enjoy looking at the picture. I forgot to mention that this buck scored was 182 5/8.”

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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