Granger Lake Home to Whooping Cranes

Two families of Whooping Cranes, who have set up home base at Granger Lake, Granger Wildlife Management Area and the surrounding agricultural area are creating a lot of buzz within the bird watching community found in Texas Two months ago, reports started coming in to Granger Lake Manager, James Chambers, that a family of three whooping cranes had been spotted nearby. Shortly after, reports of another family came in.

“We have two different distinct crane groups, both with a male and female adult and a juvenile,” said Chambers. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has a particular interest in the birds because they usually migrate from northwestern Canada, heading the 2,500 miles to Aransas National Wildlife Rescue.

Whooping Crane at Lake Granger

The whooping cranes are not only eating the fresh water clams along the shoreline of Granger Lake but they’re eating insects and even grains left behind in the cornfields in Granger. The birds are causing quite a stir for curious bird lovers across the state. The Williamson Audubon Society was spotted checking out birds Wednesday, saying the area has always been a great place to bird watch, but now that Whooping Cranes are in the area, the excitement has grown.

Ducks and goose hunter should be careful while in field and hunting around Granger Lake. The whooping cranes at Granger Lake are creating a lot of buzz, so it will be interesting to see how it call plays out!

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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