Millennium Treestands: SafeLinks for Hunters

We often underestimate the importance of treestand safety while deer hunting. This is both careless and dangerous, even though most hunters will admit that they have had a “close call” while deer hunting from a treestand. There are a number of ways one can get hurt while hunting, but falling is one of the most common hunting-related accidents.

Think Treestand Safety

As the evening settles in and hunting light disappears hunters begin to pack up their equipment and prepare to get back to their vehicle or camp. In the dark the hunter reaches around the tree and starts to look for that first step with his feet… we have all been there. This is when hunters are their most vulnerable for losing their balance, slipping off the step or falling to the ground.

More hunters are injured or killed each year from falls climbing to or from their stands than those that actually fall out of their stands. It is while getting into or out of a their stands that a hunter is most vulnerable for a paralyzing or life-threatening injury.

Use Safety Harnesses When Hunting from Treestand

With the advent of today’s safety harnesses, there is no reason anyone should ever fall from a deer hunting stand. The development of the safety harness has undoubtedly saved many lives. But, now the hunter can fully protect himself from injury and the family from heartbreak by using a safety line with Prusik knot as they climb and descend to and from their stands.

Millennium Treestands is making sure that every hunter who purchases one of their ladder stands or hang-on stands will be better protected. Millennium will be including the new SafeLink safety rope in the box of all their hang-on and ladder stands. The SafeLink is 35 ft. long, made to support hunters up to 350 lbs.

It comes with a Prusik knot and carabineer to provide the hunter with the safest ascent and descent to and from the stand. The SafeLinks in Millennium’s 2-man stands comes with double Prusik knots and two carabineers.

Millennium is the first treestand manufacturer to take such a step. Millennium truly is taking treestand safety to a new level. Do not underestimate the importance of treestand safety. Ask any hunter that has had a significant fall or one of their surviving family members and they will tell you not to chance it.

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