Mule Deer Hunting in Texas

Every year thousands of hunters look to go mule deer hunting in Texas. And yes, Texas does have some really nice mule deer. Just check out the photos below from Gaines County! But do not confuse whitetail deer with mule deer. Mule deer differ from white-tailed deer in many ways, including their general behavior, food habits, population dynamics and habitat preferences. Properties that hold quality mule deer bucks must implement management practices specific to mule and, of course, regulate mule deer harvest.

Mule deer are one of the most valued game animals in the Trans-Pecos and Panhandle regions of Texas. Whether because of their limited distribution, relatively low numbers, or their unique appearance and behavior, most Texas landowners view mule deer as a very valuable resource. With that said, many hunters also value mule deer, especially Texas mule deer. Although many hunters head to Colorado or Wyoming mule deer hunting each, there is just something special about a home-grown mulie buck.

Because the range of the mule deer is relatively limited compared to the size of the state, landowners that have mule deer recognize them as a financial asset and capitalized on this value through lease hunting. And there is nothing wrong with leasing or charging a trespass fee or whatever you want to call it. The fact of the matter is hunters are willing to pay to access areas where mule deer live. Mule deer get big bodies, they offer tasty table fare, and they can grow massive sets of antlers, so what’s not to like?

Finding a place to mule deer hunt in Texas can be tricky. Many properties are already leased by outfitters, but many are not. In fact, many deer leases offer both whitetail and mule deer hunting where the range of these two species overlap. Yes, highly sought after locations such as Gaines County may be in demand, but mule deer are found throughout the Trans-Pecos and Panhandle of Texas.

My suggestions for finding a place to go mule deer hunting would be to check out some hunting forums, pick up and read local papers, and stop by the feed stores when you’re out in West Texas. Ranchers that have lands that offer mule deer hunting are usually well known, and abundant is some areas. Heck, you may even be able to put up your own advertisement so that they can contact you.

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