Muse Wildlife Management Area (WMA)

The Muse Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and was established in 2006. The management are comprises 1,972 acres of native habitat in Brown County, Texas. The Muse WMA is located about 15 miles Northeast of Brownwood and the headquarters is north of F.M. 1467 on CR 478. The operation of Muse WMA includes the development and management of wildlife habitats and populations of indigenous and migratory wildlife species, such as white-tailed deer, wild turkey and mourning dove.

The Muse WMA provides areas to demonstrate habitat development and wildlife management practices to landowners and other interested groups. The WMA can be used to develop new techniques for managing wildlife populations and habitat through on-the-ground research designed for local issues and conditions. In addition, the management area will be used to provide public hunting and appreciative use of wildlife in a manner compatible with the resource.

The Muse is considered to be in the southern Cross Timbers and Prairies ecoregion, although the majority of the area is encompassed by a large ridge of limestone rising above the prairie floor. Diverse topography and soil types are conducive to a variety of plants types and is generally dominated by oak-juniper woodlands, post oak-mesquite flats and small creeks with hardwood bottoms.

No camping or fires area allowed on the management area. Camping facilities are available at nearby Lake Brownwood State Park (325-784-5223). All hunters are required to sign in at the check station when entering or leaving the WMA. Hunting is by assigned blind and hunters will take their vehicles to the hunting blind assigned. For more information on the Muse WMA, contact the TPWD Brownwood office at 325-643-5977 or 325-203-6926.

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