My Texas Hunt Harvest – TPWD’s Newest App

Texas hunters can now digitally-document their hunt harvest using Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s newest app, My Texas Hunt Harvest. According to TPWD, “This official free app is designed to make it easier than ever for Texas hunters to report harvested game in real-time. The app is now available for download for Android devices at Google Play and will be available soon for iOS devices at the App Store.” Although the My Texas Hunt Harvest app does not currently replace the paper tagging of deer and turkey, it obviously looks like this could be the future, making hunting license tags obsolete.

My Texas Hunt Harvest App

Built exclusively for Texas hunters, this official Texas Parks and Wildlife app allows hunters to report harvested game in real-time. My Texas Hunt Harvest keeps track of your hunting season successes and harvest information so you can easily access them on your smartphone or tablet. The app also will help Texas Parks & Wildlife biologists manage healthy game populations to keep hunting great in Texas. With My Texas Hunt Harvest, you can:

  • Log your harvested game animals.
  • View your harvest history, including dates and locations of every hunt.
  • Eastern Turkey hunters can now conveniently check their harvested game with the app instead of having to visit physical check stations.
  • After a one-time login, you can easily access your TPWD customer number for future reference.

For hunters specifically in East Texas, the app will help simplify the mandatory eastern turkey reporting process by allowing hunters to report their harvest without traveling to a physical check station. TPWD’s regulations state that hunters are required to report their harvested eastern turkey within 24 hours of harvest.

DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW: My Texas Hunt Harvest

The My Texas Hunt Harvest app can also be used for voluntarily reporting and tracking harvests for all other resident game species. With My Texas Hunt Harvest, hunters can log harvested game and view their harvest history, including dates and locations of every hunt. The electronic reporting options do not fulfill tagging requirements for any game required to be tagged, or requirements for completion of the harvest log on the back of the license as it applies to white-tailed deer.

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