Richland Creek WMA Duck Hunting

The Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Freestone and Navarro County will be offering postcard hunts for waterfowl. The northern part of the WMA can hold a lot of ducks when conditions are right, so these hunts can be outstanding. Hunt dates will be November 12-14, 17-19, and January 21-23 provided these dates fall within the season established for duck hunting by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for North Zone Duck.

For these postcard hunts, shooting hours end at noon. Four to 10 hunt groups will be selected dependent on wetland habitat conditions at the WMA. There will be a mandatory 3:00 pm orientation the first day of each hunt period at the area check station. All selected duck hunters must have a current Annual Public Hunting (APH) permit and attend the orientation. Each group may submit one postcard per waterfowl hunt period, but a group will only be selected for one hunt period. No substitution of hunt members will be allowed.

Interested hunters may apply by sending a postcard for each hunt period that includes information on the group leader and up to 3 other group members. The deadline for duck hunting application is November 1, 2010. Selected hunt group leaders will be notified by phone. For more information on duck hunting at Richland Creek WMA, contact the field office at 903-389-7080. Mail postcard applications to: Richland Creek Waterfowl Hunts, 1670 FM 488, Streetman, TX 75859.

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