Scent Free Bug Spray for Deer Hunting

The use of scent free bug spray has allowed me to enjoy deer hunting more than ever. Hunting the early season is great: bucks can be patterned, cool weather, leaves are getting ready to change colors and it’s just a great time to be in the woods… except for those annoying BUGS! Now, you can take care of business while enjoying yourself in the woods with a newer, possibly even better product.

Scent Free and NO MORE BUGS

Lethal Scent Elimination, a leading provider of extremely effective and powerful odor eliminating products has finally created and produced a product that big game hunters have been waiting on for years, scent-free bug and tick repellent.

Lethal Bug and Tick Repellent was developed by the same in-house chemists who have spent the last 30 years researching and developing some of the most effective household, scent eliminating products on the market today. This unscented, non-greasy, quick-drying repellent is effective for up to eight hours and works well as part of the Lethal System or separately; either way, the scent-free repellent is the first on the market and undoubtedly will be the leader in the category in the future.

ProStaff Tested Bug Spray

Since September, Lethal has given the Bug and Tick Repellent to a few key dealers and the Lethal Pro-Staff to, not only test in the field, but in retail as well. Results were outstanding with sell-through numbers at 100% and feedback from the pro-staff supported the test results with the product being more effective than DEET.

“The scent elimination category is obviously one of the most saturated categories within the deer hunting industry,” said Steve Davison, President and CEO of Clean Control Corporation, Parent Company of Lethal. “We had to find and develop a product that made us stand out and be just as effective as all of our other products. I believe we hit a homerun with the Bug and Tick Repellent and foresee the product being used by not only hunters but everyone who commonly uses bug sprays and repellents.”

The Perfect Scent Free Bug Spray for Hunting?

Look for Lethal Bug and Tick Repellent to be “officially” introduced at this years ATA Show in Louisville, Kentucky. I will definitely be giving their scent free bug spray a shot when deer hunting season rolls around next year. In my part of the world, mosquitos and gnats can make a hunt downright miserable. Keep the bugs away and bring the bucks close!

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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