Thermal Imaging Camera for Hunting, Game Retrieval

A thermal imaging camera has its place when it comes to deer hunting, especially when it comes to tracking shot deer. Enhanced game retrieval will help other hunters, too, so it’s time an affordable camera come to market to meet the demand. Enter Seek Thermal. They recently debuted their new Seek RevealXR FastFrame – all-in-one extended range thermal imaging device, boasting a 20-degree field of view and >15Hz frame rate, and combined with a high-performance 300-Lumen LED flashlight.

Seek Thermal Imaging Camera Debut

At the IWA OutdoorClassics Show, Seek Thermal unveiled its full line of affordable thermal image cameras for deer hunting, hog hunting and the outdoors. This includes the new Seek RevealXR FastFrame, an all-in-one extended range thermal imaging device, boasting a 20-degree field of view and >15Hz imaging frame rate, and also featuring a high-performance 300-Lumen LED light.

Seek also offers the Seek CompactXR, an award-winning Connect & Detect thermal imaging camera that plugs directly into your iOS or Android smartphone device and offers an impressive narrow field of view of up to 550 meters. Sounds like must-have deer hunting equipment to me. Can not wait to try it!

“Thermal imaging has been around for years, but up until now has cost thousands of dollars and largely unattainable to use in every day sporting,” said Tracy Benson, VP Global Marketing of Seek Thermal. “Now, Seek Thermal is changing that by engineering a product line that is portable, compact and affordable so that people have a smart advantage at their fingertips for scouting, tracking, and guaranteeing recovery in the rough, tough and dark environments people often face in the wilderness. As our company continues to expand, we are excited to now make this possible…”

The new Seek RevealXR comes in two colors: Pure Black and TrueTimber Kanati Camo, which is inspired by avid outdoorsman, professional boar hunter, and global TV personality Brian “Pigman” Quaca and strategic partnership with True Timber<>/a>. Seek’s Compact series cameras were the first stand-alone thermal imagers to connect directly to a smartphone and have received critical acclaim from Field & Stream, Popular Science, BBC Global, and more.

About the New Thermal Imaging Camera RevealXR

Built for long-range detection and identification, the Seek RevealXR is available in two imaging performance rates: <9Hz and a FastFrame >15Hz frame rate version. Both models feature a 20-degree field of view and a detectable thermal imaging distance of up to 275 meters away. Its rugged and innovative handheld design makes it easy to capture infrared images in outdoor conditions day or night, near or far.

In addition, both models include a powerful 300-lumen LED flashlight making it ideal for situational awareness and security, search and rescue, and target recognition from a distance. The products also feature a color display and a 206×156 thermal sensor allowing users to see and snap quality thermal images. Store, save and transfer photos to your computer or tablet using the USB cable or microSD card provided. The rechargeable lithium battery included has a runtime of 10+ hours, perfect for extending your time outdoors while seeking a new advantage.

Seek CompactXR for Hunting and Scouting

The CompactXR plugs directly into your iOS or Android device and in seconds, can detect temperatures from -40° up to 330° Celsius. The device features a narrow 20 degrees field of view so that users can detect up to 550 meters away, making it perfect for use in hunting, the outdoors, or as a personal safety tool. The CompactXR works with a free app that also allows the user to capture and share videos and photos.

Details of the New Thermal Cameras

With a suggested retail price of $449.00, the Seek RevealXR thermal imager, with the <9Hz frame rate, in pure Black and TrueTimber Kanati Camo, is available at and authorized European channels. The Seek RevealXR FastFrame will be available in limited markets and authorized channels with pricing to be released soon. The Seek CompactXR sells for $299.00 USD and is now available at Amazon in U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and The Netherlands, in addition to authorized specialty retailers throughout Europe. We've all experienced times while deer hunting when a thermal imaging camera would have come in mighty handy. Any advantage when it comes to game retrieval is a must have, but it seems particularly important when we know at the other end of our successful hunting story is a great deer just waiting to be found.

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