Freaky Whitetail Buck from Mills County

My family, friends and I have done a lot of deer hunting in our lives and rarely have any of us had the opportunity to harvest a truly non-typical buck. We’ve all harvested bucks with some trash such as stickers and extra kickers and such, but nothing with a droptine or extra main beams or stuff like that. I guess that’s why this Mills County buck is just so darn interesting to me. Here is the story:

“I have been watching this buck since I put up my camera in August and have numerous picture of him almost on a daily basis. I was not sure of the deer’s age, but I knew he was old enough. He was shot at on youth weekend by a 13 year old boy who had extreme buck fever and could not close the deal.

This non-typical buck came in to my feeder on opening day at 5:30 pm and I sealed the deal on the buck that I had set out to get since I first saw him in velvet. Not to many high fives back at camp since others had seen this odd Mills County buck, but kept quiet about the freak deer with the third main beam.

The third beam measured 15.5 inches with a 4 inch brow tine. This buck is not the biggest deer that I have ever shot, but he is the most unique by far.”

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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