Deer Hunting at Matador WMA

It can be quite difficult to find a deer hunting lease in Texas because there is high demand for high quality property. Even finding mediocre hunting property is not much easier. However, there is another option for hunters willing to head out on public land and bust a little brush. Texas has 2 options for public hunters: the Annual Public Hunting Permit (APH) or the draw system. One of the draw areas that offers great white-tailed deer hunting is the Matador Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

The Matador WMA is located about 8 or so miles north of Paducah, Texas in the lower-eastern portion of the panhandle. This property varies from slightly rolling to downright hilly with steep hillsides. Not only do white-tailed deer call the Matador home, but so does a good population of mule deer. Of course, feral hogs make use of the creeks and drainages that are scattered across this place.

If you hit the Matador WMA at just the right time the deer hunting can be absolutely magical. And by hitting in right, I mean having the opportunity to hunt this place just prior to and during the whitetail rut. It is at this time that rattling for deer can really work. The Matador offers some great vistas and patchy habitat so that hunters can readily spot deer responding to horns.

“He is not a monster buck, but I am proud of him. Was hunting with my father and cousin in a creek bottom. My cousin rattled him up to within 20 yards of me. I could not of asked for anything better than to share a great deer hunting trip with my dad and cousin.”

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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