Granger WMA Postcard Draw Hunts

The Granger Wildlife Management Area in Williamson County will be holding archery deer hunts for Texas hunters that posses an Annual Public Hunting Permit (APHP). Hunters will be selected in a postcard drawing. These deer hunts will take place on October 4-17 and 18-31. Two groups of up to 20 hunters will be permitted to hunt and the bag limit will consists of 3 white-tailed deer (either sex). Bucks must have at least one unbranched antler.

Hunts will begin at 11:00 am of the first day and end at 11:00 am of the last day. All selected hunters must attend a mandatory orientation on the first day of a hunt period. All waterfowl species having an open season, squirrel, rabbits, hares, and feral hogs may also be taken. Fishing is also allowed.

Each archery deer hunt postcard may contain up to 4 hunters. Submitted postcards must contain the hunt date (1st and 2nd choice), group leader’s daytime phone number, email address, and the names and ages of each hunter. Postcards must be mailed to: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, c/o Granger WMA Hunts, 213 Thomas Ridge, Burnet, TX 78611. The deadline for application is September 15, 2010. Selected hunt group leaders will be notified by phone or email.

For more information on Granger WMA and/or these postcard deer hunts, contact the wildlife field office at 512-461-9909.

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