MLDP Property is Deer Hunting Sham?

White-tailed deer hunting is a big deal in Texas. In fact, deer hunting has also become a big business for some people. Guided deer hunts for both bucks and does have become the norm at ranches scattered across the state. The state of Texas works with landowners willing to improve the habitat and deer herd found on their property. The program is called the Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLDP) Program.

The MLDP Program is incentive based where landowners perform certain management practices and in turn received special MLDP permits. The number of permits issued is based on the proper number of deer that should be removed to keep the habitat and deer in good condition. This all seems well and good, but landowners collect and submit their own data, leaving room, for the lack of a better term, for “fudging.” After reading this comment, I think at least some of the guys out there are not all that worried about habitat management.

Deer Hunting - MLDP Permits Mis-Used?

“I recently hunted on a MLDP ranch is southwest Texas. I was devastated at the condition of the habitat. Although not an expert in the field of deer management it appeared these animals, whitetail deer, axis, fallow and several others were starved! When they feeder went off in the morning or the afternoon they charged it and fought for the feed.

This ranch is nothing more than wannabe trophy breeding ranch in my opinion. I spoke with an owner regarding the $350 fee for a buck smaller than eight points and we both agreed anything smaller than one inch would not be considered a point! I did not want to find myself in a precarious situation, and believe it or not it happened anyway!

My son fell to his knees and cried when the “other” owner said that the once inch rule (deer scoring standard) did not count and that he was calling my son’s 7 point buck an 8 point buck! I explained the conversation with his “son” but it was to no avail. The ranch owner threatened to call the game warden if I did not pay $1,200 dollars instead of the $350!! What a scam.

I have the deer at home now and have read up on the Boone and Crockett measurement of deer antlers and it is very clear about the definition. This point measures 1/4 inch to the nearest point of the beam. There is no way to see this at 100 yards!! I don’t think all properties work it this way, but what a SCAM!!! I think it’s time to look for a deer lease again.”

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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