Deer Hunting in Canada – Big Canadian Bucks!

Every hunters that chases white-tailed or mule deer dreams of one day taking a truly remarkable animal. Though each and every deer is special in it’s own way, there is a small percentage of bucks that develop and carry really, really big antlers! I’ve always wanted to go deer hunting in Canada, but have never had the chance. Not only do these Northern deer grow respectable sets of antlers, they also have some massive bodies! Check out these mule deer hunting story straight out of Canada:

“Saturday morning of deer hunting season – I saw a huge mule deer buck feeding out in field with three other bucks. Watched him for over one hour in my spotting scope and got some pictures through the Vortex. I knew from the first second I saw this buck that he was a true giant, even for Canada, but I never had him pinned at what he actually scored! I watched him bed down. I went in for the sneak through the standing flax and ended up getting within 43 yards, but when he stood up he walked straight away and I had no shot with the bow!

Saturday evening – I went back to the field just to make sure the big mule deer buck was still around and he was right where I saw him last. I left him for the night because I did not want to push him out.

Sunday morning- I went out deer hunting with Mike Gebhard and the buck was in the same field as the night previous. We waited over an hour for him to bed. Once he did, we tried the stalk… again. Well, we did get in closer, got within 32 yards and waited a bit. He stood up and did it to me again, walked straight away! NO SHOT!!!

My heart sank for a second time in as many days! What an amazing mule deer buck to watch at 32 yards! Deer hunting is all about position and timing. I felt lucky just to have seen this big buck up close again.

Monday morning – I had to be responsible for a couple days and go work so I did a drive through the area on the way to the farm. The buck stayed true and he was again in the same field! There was no wind at all, so it was not as hard leaving him there to go harvest a field.

Tuesday – WINDY and I was harvesting grain!!!

Wednesday – I planned on going to office in morning and then harvesting in afternoon, but I had to try and find the buck if I could. I was more then a little consumed by this buck! Well, he was in the same field again; he was the most predictable buck I have ever seen, which I was good with. I again spent some quality time with my spotting scope and decided it was again deer hunting time!

This time I made sure I knew which way the buck bedded down so I would be broadside when he stood back up. I left my truck at 8:15 and went for the stalk. Half way in, the smaller buck with him stood up and ate for a bit, so I lied down and let the young buck bed up again. I worked my way closer. This time I got to 28 yards and the giant buck had no clue I was there.

The wind was in my face and the buck was laying broadside to me. Now it was just the patience game. And he put me to the test. I was there for over 2 1/2 hours, kneeling in mud and waiting for him to stand. Suddenly, the smaller buck got up again and I thought this was it. But the big buck stayed down. The younger buck milled around for probably 20 minutes, THEN the moment of truth. The big mule deer buck finally stood up! I was ready, drew my bow, let my sight pin find its target and put an arrow in him!

The buck did not go 130 yards and five minutes later he was dead. It was a great day in Canada! I didn’t get back to the truck until 45 minutes after noon, so safe to say I didn’t make it to the office or harvesting at all that day. This deer was one of those rare bucks encountered while deer hunting from time to time. He actually grew as I walked up to him!”

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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