Plotwatcher Pro Game Camera: Must Have for Food Plots

A game camera compliments a high quality food plot. Each is great, but together they can elevate your deer hunting game. Day 6 Outdoors, the maker of the PlotWatcher Pro trail camera, knows that trail cameras can revolutionize whitetail hunting. Trail cameras allow you to scout every day without leaving scent or blowing deer off your fall food plot and hunting land. They let you see what the deer are doing, when they are doing it, and how many of them are there. For many serious trophy hunters, the PlotWatcher Pro is the critical component of discovering which deer are on their property and is therefore tremendously helpful in managing for trophy deer.

A Camera for Deer Hunting and Management

Not all trail cameras can take you to that ultimate level of buck scouting and herd management. With the wrong trail camera, the reality is that you’ll end up with 220 photos of crows and 4,300 photos of the wind blowing grass around, and one photo of the hindquarters of a deer – and no convenient way to sort through those photos. And the trail camera’s batteries will die two weeks before you check the camera.

The PlotWatcher Pro is rigorously designed to give you a much better reality. First, the batteries can last up to four months – longer than any other time-lapse camera on the market. Second, you decide the photo intervals, which can be set as often as one photo per second – faster than any other trail camera on the market. Third, the camera can store up to one million images, so you do not have check the camera and disturb your hunting location on a regular basis. Fourth, Day Six has developed and includes with the PlotWatcher Pro some easy-to-use software – GameFinder software with Motion Search -that allows you to watch 12 hours of photos in video form in about 3 minutes, and lets you quickly find frames in which movement is recorded.

Plotwatcher Tracks Deer Movement

The end result is that the PlotWatcher Pro not only gives you high-quality photos of deer, but the camera’s depth of field and generous angle of view mean that you end up watching videos of how those deer are behaving on your food plot or field. Where are those bucks entering the field? Where are they leaving? The PlotWatcher Pro allows you to see which direction the deer come from and which trails they use to move into and away from the area you’re watching.

To a unique degree in trail camera technology, the PlotWatcher Pro allows you to see how the deer actually interact with each other – which satellite bucks hang out with the trophy buck you’re hunting, which does hang out in which groups. You’ll be able to tell how the deer are using a field or food plot or other food source. The PlotWatcher Pro allows you to identify individual deer and pattern them. Is that mature buck no longer nocturnal?You’ll know when they move and when they feed, and you’ll know when they change their patterns and behavior over time.

Because the PlotWatcher Pro gives you time lapse images of each deer as it moves through the area, you are also much better able to judge the quality of individual bucks as well as their travel patterns. The long battery life and large storage capacity allow you to decide when and how often you enter the area, keeping disturbance to a minimum.

Go Pro with Your Game Camera

Serious deer hunters also quickly discover that the qualities of the PlotWatcher Pro give them the same information about other animals too, from turkeys to coyotes and even pesky feral hogs. The PlotWatcher Pro isn’t just for deer season, but it will definitely hep you pattern that mature buck you saw this past season.

If your goal is to achieve the ultimate understanding of the land you hunt and the game animals on it, you need the ultimate trail camera. You need the PlotWatcher Pro and the information it provides. It will help improve your deer management program and will make your next deer hunting season one to remember.

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