Texas Deer Association

The primary purpose of the Texas Deer Association (TDA) is to increase quality deer hunting opportunities for all Texas hunters. To achieve that goal, the TDA advocates wise wildlife management practices, promotes research and technology regarding improvements to deer herds through the practice of controlled breeding and genetic improvements and recognizes that hunting and wildlife management are lifelong enterprises.

The TDA also seeks to be a repository and resource of accurate, high-quality information and to improve the image and awareness of deer management and harvest through public education. The TDA shares all of its research findings, management techniques and harvest strategies with its membership.

The Texas Deer Association is the only non-profit organization in Texas solely dedicated to improving the quality of Texas deer herds. Founded in 1999, TDA promotes and cares for the welfare and health of our deer herds and seeks to improve deer quality and the hunting experience in Texas.

As the unified voice of deer enthusiasts throughout the state, TDA is also a tireless champion for wise management practices on high- and low-fenced private

From hunters looking for bigger racks to landowners working to provide an improved habitat, everyone benefits from healthier deer and better harvests. Everyone benefits with TDA.

Many hunters and landowners may not realize that the TDA organization is still young. Their official office only opened in 2001, and just since 2004 has TDA operated with more than 3 employees. Relatively speaking, they are doing a great job of representing property owners and white-tailed deer, from commercial deer breeding operations to free-ranging deer herds.

As State Senator Leticia Van de Putte told said of TDA: “This is an exciting industry. You have a story to tell. You are on the cutting edge. You are making a positive difference in our state. Get out there and tell your story.” If you’re interested in whitetail, herd management and deer hunting then give the Texas Deer Association a look.

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