Chaparral WMA Public Javelina Hunting

Chaparral Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Hunting

The Chaparral Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is 15,200 acres of South Texas landscape that provides great habitat for white-tailed deer, javelina, wild turkey, dove and quail. The Chaparral WMA is managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and is used as a research and management facility. The area provides public hunting to APH Permit holders for game birds and special draw hunts for deer and other species. The Chaparral WMA is located about 8 miles west of Artesia Wells.

The habitat found on the management area is dominated by thorny brush species such that provide excellent deer forage. This is why South Texas grows monster bucks year in and year out — you just can not beat the quality of deer foods found in this part of the state. If you are planning a public hunt at the Chaparral WMA then get ready for mesquite and some prickly pear cactus. The area has plenty of it, but makes for a different hunting experience.

A primitive campground for hunters is located on the area and is available for use. The area has restrooms and drinking water at the campground, although electrical hookups are not available. The camping area typically opens at 8:00 am on the morning prior to the first scheduled day of each hunt period. Successful hunters can use the cold storage facilities located at the Chaparral WMA check station for storing game. Baiting is not allowed on the WMA.

All public hunters must sign in at the check station. For bird hunters that do not possess an APH Permit, a daily use fee is required for regular permit hunts. For special permit draw hunts for deer hunting and javelina hunting, standby hunters must be at the check station by 11:00 am on the scheduled hunt start date (10:00 am for youth hunts).

Most public hunts at the Chaparral WMA are scheduled during the fall and spring each year. The area is open for non-consumptive use access during the period of April 1 through August 31 through an access point located at the hunters campground. Call the Chaparral WMA headquarters for further information at 830-676-3413 or email the area at

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