Wildlife Management in Central Texas

Walter Buck Wildlife Management Area Hunting

The Walter Buck Wildlife Management Area (WMA) consists of 2,133 acres of Hill Country habitat located on the south fork of the Llano River in Kimble County. The Buck WMA is about 5 miles southwest of Junction, Texas, and is just off of Highway 377. The topography of the WMA is hilly and is dominated by oak and cedar woodlands and contains lots of draws and rugged country. The landscape on this public hunting area makes being here both challenging and fun.

The area is operated by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and their mission is to maintain healthy native wildlife habitats and populations. This goal is accomplished through the use of wildlife and habitat management programs implemented on various habitat types located throughout the WMA. Visibility on the area varies, but there are some areas where habitat management is evident and some areas that are left native for old-growth cedar.

The Walter Buck WMA shares a common boundary with the South Llano River State Park, both of which are Texas public hunting lands that offer special draw hunts. In fact, you must cross the river and drive through the park to access the WMA. These areas offer public hunting opportunities for white-tailed deer, Rio Grande turkey, feral hogs, and exotic deer such as axis, fallow, and sika. The Buck WMA is home to two Federally Endangered bird species, the golden-cheeked warbler and the black-capped vireo.

On the WMA, no camping or fires are permitted. Camping, of course, is available at the park next door. In addition, other commercial camping facilities are available nearby. Vehicles with high ground clearance are preferred and a 2 wheel drive truck can get you to 95% of the area. Contact the park at 325-446-3994 for information on camping and for reservations call 512-389-8900. For more information on public hunting at Walter Buck WMA, call the headquarters at 325-446-3617.

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