Granger WMA Deer Hunts, Postcard Hunts

Texas is known for white-tailed deer hunting and big ole bucks, but there is a public hunting hot spot located just a stones throw from Austin, Texas. That place is called the Granger Wildlife Management Area (WMA). I’ve seen several hunting forums buzzing about the postcards hunts out there this hunting season. Hunters possessing an Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit could apply by postcard for the opportunity to deer hunt at Granger WMA. The deadline was September 18 and it looks like there may be additional opportunity for those not initially selected.

Granger WMA Postcard Deer Hunting

Source: “There are at least 10 positions available for Stand-by on Monday, October 1st. The drawing will be held at 9 AM sharp. The orientation for standby postcard hunts will follow. There could be more positions depending upon how many no-shows there are for the Mandatory Orientation on Friday (no, there won’t be any stand-by opportunity on Friday – so don’t bother coming if you weren’t picked for the initial drawing – it will be crowded enough).

Both the drawing and orientation will be held at the TPWD Granger Lake WMA Checkstation next to Willis Creek Park entrance (NOT AT THE US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS OFFICE BY THE DAM).

Hunters can show up as early as you like, but Derrick and I won’t be there until 8 or so. The drawing will be out of a hat (actually a cap probably because very few people wear hats anymore).

Please bring your:

1) Annual Public Hunting Permit (need it before the drawing)
2) Drivers License
3) Proof of Hunter Education
4) License plate number/description of the vehicles you will be driving to the area to hunt


More on Granger WMA

Source: “Both the sportsman and the naturalist can enjoy the 10,800+ acre Granger WMA surrounding Granger Lake. The WMA’s are licensed out to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). These areas provide hunting, hiking, mountain biking, and bird watching. For more information call 512/ 859-2838

To enable you to hunt at Granger Lake you must purchase a TPWD Public Lands Hunting Permit, along with a valid hunting license and applicable stamps. These permits can be obtained anywhere hunting license are sold. (Locally available at Dutchess Exxon in Circleville or Wal-Mart in Taylor)

Primary game species for shotgun hunting are dove, quail, waterfowl, rabbit and squirrel in applicable seasons

Archery hunting for feral hogs is allowed year round, except when areas are closed for special permit (draw) hunts. Hunting for deer and turkey are allowed by draw permit only.”

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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