San Saba County Deer Hunting Report; Dry, Still Good

The white-tailed deer bowhunting season opens this weekend in Texas and a lot of hunters are pumped-up about the prospects of sticking a good buck. One of my favorite places for chasing whitetail in the state is no other than San Saba County. I hunted this county for many years, and even tagged some nice deer, but now I do most of my deer hunting at a property closer to home. With all the dry weather many hunters are thinking this year will be a bust, but not the following San Saba deer hunter:

“I have 600 acres near Richland Springs. All of our whitetail deer herd looks good. Fawns are doing extremely well. I’ve heard some really bad deer reports about people seeing dead fawns all over the place further south of us, but animals are still holding up good here. I still have a couple tanks with some water and our landowner has water tanks all over the property being filled via well so our land has plenty of water.

Deer Hunting in San Saba County - Deer Lease in Texas

All of the surrounding ranches are feeding protein year-round as well, and many participate in the MLDP permit program, so that has helped a bunch. We have some nice bucks that I got on trail cameras these past few months that really surprised me. I didn’t think they would be in as good of shape as they are considering the drought. I was really thinking we were not going to be taking any does this year, but from what the cameras are showing we are going to be taking quite a few.

For those looking for property or a deer lease in San Saba County,the land is priced a little higher than South Texas, but I love the Hill Country and it is for me it is worth it. Whitetail deer hunting all depends on what you want out of a lease. What you want and are willing to pay may be something totally different than what someone else wants. In my opinion, if you are wanting to shoot 150 inch bucks every year, go to South Texas.

If you want to see tons of deer, feral hogs and turkeys and are just about guaranteed to shoot at a minimum a 120 class deer, with a chance to shoot a 150 inch deer, then go to San Saba County! It’s good looking and real estate prices are not horrible yet. Deer hunting is all about one wants. I think everyone wants a good buck now and then, but we can all dream about those really monster bucks. Deer hunting in San Saba is about as good as it gets in Texas!”

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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