Deer Smoke Screen for Whitetail Deer Hunting

Question: “I spend countless hours in the field deer hunting each year. I keep an eye out for anything that can help me get an edge over wary whitetail deer. Scent control is the single biggest problem most hunters have, and many products have come out in recent years to address scent control. Recently, Deer Smoke Screen has come about. Is it another one of those gimmicks that claims not to be a gimmick that will be in the long run? Do you think this product will separate itself from the pack or just separate me from my money?”

Answer: I have always believed natural smoke scent and ash to be a great cover scent, but I have never used Deer Smoke Screen. To me it makes sense, but whether or not this product really works has yet to be determined. Yes, there are hundreds of gimmick deer hunting items available to attract the hunter to spend his or her money. In theory, hunting with the wind in your face is the best method of scent control, but we all know how inconsistent the wind can be. Here is what Deer Smoke Screen had to say about their product:

“I respect your opinion on gimmicks, but our product is not one. I agree that there are plenty of deer hunting gimmicks out there but our smoke has helped countless bow and rifle hunters kill deer even after the animals were downwind.

It is not an attractant, it is an all natural cover scent. It does not attract anything, it simply hides your scent. Strike a match in the bath room and what do you smell? Only smoke… and when you use Deer Smoke Screen, the animals only smell the smoke.

Deer Smoke Screen

Killing any deer may be easy, but harvesting a mature buck is extremely difficult, and it is why there will always be new and innovative hunting techniques employed by hunters. Deer Smoke Screen was invented for hard core hunters to throw a curve ball at mature bucks. Every mature buck has survived that long because of his intelligence and his nose. We have a way to fool that nose and it is simply a cover scent that replicates mother nature. It is proven to work and will work for you if you give it a try.

It is made in the USA and it is very affordable. After all of the money that we spend on deer hunting, it is very frustrating to get busted by their noses and not kill your deer. Why not try Deer Smoke Screen for a little money to confirm that it is not a gimmick?

How can you say it is a deer hunting gimmick without having used it and after seeing the videos? You have my word that it is not a gimmick and our results speak for themselves.”

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this video!

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