Justin Hurst Wildlife Management Area (WMA)

The Justin Hurst Wildlife Management Area (WMA; formerly Peach Point WMA) offers public hunting for a variety of wildlife species. The area is located 8 miles west of Freeport in Brazoria County and contains 15,612 acres of upland hardwoods, upland prairie, fresh and saltwater marshes. The land is nearly flat and poorly drained with elevations ranging from sea level to a maximum of 10 feet. Much of the habitat found on the WMA is marsh or low lands that are easily flooded. As such, excellent duck hunting and goose hutning can be had during the fall and winter hunting seasons.

The Hurst WMA hunter check station is accessed via State Highway 36 approximately 8 miles west of Freeport, then south one mile at the WMA sign on State Highway 36 to the hunter check station. Duck and goose hunters should be prepared to walk up to a mile in soft soil to reach their hunting site. The are aims to provide low impact, fair chase, public hunting opportunities. No permanent blinds may be constructed on the management area. No camping or open fires are allowed.

The Hurst WMA offers feral hog hunting through Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) special permit drawing. Hunters can get more information on about the public hunt drawing, as well as entry cards, through reading TPWD’s “Applications for Drawings on Public Hunting Lands” which is available each summer. The WMA also offer public deer hunting opportunities for youth hunters through postcard drawings associated with the Annual Public Hunting Permit (APH Permit). For more information on their whitetail deer hunts for kids, read TPWD’s “Map Booklet for Public Hunting Lands.”

The wildlife management area does not offer camping. Commercial facilities are available in Freeport. Call the Justin Hurst WMA for further information at 979-233-8729 or 979-244-6804.

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